It's Time To Step Up Your Game on LinkedIn

By: Marissa Breton Remember when Facebook first rolled out Timeline for brands? There was a mad scramble to determine best practices for cover photos, and suddenly images became everything. This update completely changed the way brands share information on Facebook. Brands started showcasing beautiful cover photos that worked seamlessly with profile pictures and tab icons to create a page that was visually appealing, and encouraged people to spend more time on the page. This was a total game-changer, and we’re still seeing amazing new uses for the cover photo every day (my personal favorite is Johnnie Walker’s progressive cover photo, launched on Wednesday).

We’re about to see another game-changer, this time on LinkedIn.  The social network just announced they will be rolling out a total redesign of their business pages. The most prominent change is a horizontal image across the top of the page, reminiscent of Facebook’s cover photos. Like the cover photo, this is a major opportunity to grab attention from the first glance. Brands will be able to showcase what’s important to them as a company in a visual, engaging way. While they will now be targeting a different demographic, this still gives the opportunity to be far more visually stimulating than the traditional profile.

The second major change is the layout of navigation options. Currently, the follow button is buried among your connections and several other options. In the redesign, the most prominent button is the “Follow” button, isolated at the top corner of the page. This subtle change will make a big difference in how many people actually click that button and subscribe to your updates.  With this increase in followers, it is even more important that your brand is sharing interesting, relevant, and engaging content.

LinkedIn’s redesign is putting emphasis on personalizing your brand and enhancing your connections. This new layout is currently limited to several companies for the trial period, so now is the time to start strategizing how you can optimize LinkedIn’s new features when they’re released to the public!

How does your brand engage on LinkedIn? Share your thoughts in the comments section!