Social Media, Starring Your Brand Mascot!

By: Mallorie Rosenbluth We’ve said it before, and many brands have proved it, that telling stories via social media is one of the keys to increasing engagement and building loyalty (and thus, driving purchase intent, over time). But what happens when you’re stumped about the stories to tell? We know content is king, especially in social, so adding your brand’s story to your content mix is a winning combination. If you’re not sure where to start, think about personification. Is there some piece of your brand that can take on a personality of its own? Even if you don’t have an official mascot, you can still give your brand a personality, a name and a face in social media. Here are three brands that have done this:

1) Mr. Clean – formally known only as the follicle-challenged face behind one of the world’s most popular line of cleaning products now has an honest-to-goodness personality. Mr. Clean got a makeover of sorts with a new voice being broadcast on Facebook. Whether he’s talking about one of his new products, or groaning about the end of summer (hey, his head probably gets really cold in the winter), Mr. Clean has gone from a static image on products to a character with interests that include horseshoe tossing and comedic improv. Proctor and Gamble has taken this already iconic character and brought it to life via social media. And with almost half a million “likes,” I’d say the approach is working.

2) Orangina – the 75 year old carbonated orange beverage with the bulb-shaped bottle is trying to attract a new audience. Their plan? Give their bottle a name, a story, and a voice in social media. Enter Bulby, a smartphone toting, music playing, museum visiting beverage that’s a bit hip and a bit hipster. Through a custom Facebook application, users can learn about Bulby’s story and win free gifts. The last piece of the puzzle is a pretty cool interactive site that lets you scroll interactively through the life and adventures of Bulby and the Orangina brand.

3) M&M s– for years, M&Ms have made the melt-in-your-mouth chocolate candies come to life in advertising. What started as a traditional Red and peanut Yellow has evolved over the years to a go-go boot wearing Green and a cameos from other colors. Now, M&Ms is making a big move with Ms. Brown the original chocolate M&Ms, and she’s making a splash in social media. Ms. Brown has taken over the most active voice of the Facebook content and the official Twitter account, plus her image graces the background of the M&Ms YouTube channel. Ms. Brown hosts live chats, hangs out with Ms. Green and is full of sass (check out the fan-gated message on Facebook). M&Ms has given Ms. Brown a true personality and perpetuates it across social media. Sweet!

Do you have a favorite brand mascot in social media? Let us know in the comments!