What the Klout?! 3 Reasons the "New" Klout Might Blow Your Mind

By Megan McMahon For all you avid Klout "users" (if such a person exists) and even for those of you who rarely visit Klout.com at all, you're in for a treat. Klout is giving us a preview of their new and improved version (even though their logo in the corner still says "Beta") and I highly recommend giving it a look. With the new updates, Klout is taking a step in the right direction of being user friendly and going beyond just showing how influential a person is on the web. Here are 3 things that stand out with the new Klout that may leave you saying "hey…that's pretty darn cool."

1.) Have a "Moment" with Klout A few weeks ago, my fellow Likeable employee, Tim introduced us to Klout Moments. These will be the most prominent feature you check your Klout user profile. Check out mine here:

This is where you can see the most popular things that have happened to you on any social network that you've connected to your Klout. Moments are great because you can easily see a snapshot of what and where you've engaged the most with your friends and followers. If you ask me, this is similar to what the folks over at Timehop are doing. Timehop sends you your posts, tweets, and check-ins from a year ago whereas with Klout Moments you can reminisce about a post, tweet, or share that happened more recently. Essentially, this will just boost a users self-gratification and ego. Nonetheless, Moments will be pretty useful for someone who ACTUALLY wants to be influential in a topic and gauge if the information they are sharing is actually engaging the right people, in the right place.

2.) Insights and Analytics on…Your Life? Pretty much anyone running a Facebook page knows about Insights and anyone trying to measure social media success knows that Analytics are key. Well, the new Klout feeds into human nature's love of numbers and now has a slew of numbers all directly related to your presence on the web. Klout calls this "My Score Summary." Here's a glimpse at what this looks like:

With this, you'll get an improved snapshot of your "scores" across the networks you've synced with Klout. The best part of this feature is that you can see WHERE you are most influential. If you want to be a Twitter rockstar, but your influence is under 10% on Twitter, you'll know you need to step up your Twitter game. Everyone likes scores and numbers and Klout has really played into this obsession well with the Score Summary.

3.) A new way to show how you interact. The Dashboard when you login to Klout will now pull up your Social Interactions from the past 90 days. This is a completely new feature to Klout that I think has potential to be the game changer. Take a look at how this works:

Correct me if I'm wrong but it appears as though Klout is attempting to become a social hub that pulls in your interactions for all your connected social networks. From the looks of it, this needs some cleaning up (it IS just preview mode) but this could really bring people to Klout more often if they can view a snapshot of their interactions across all the networks they're on.

So these are just three of the new features and capabilities Klout seems to be rolling out on top of a complete redesign which LOOKS 10 times better than the old Klout. A few pet peeves I have with the new Klout: -It doesn't seem as easy to give out +K's any more. (But maybe this doesn't matter with the new scoring system?) -Pinterest STILL isn't included?! -You won't be able to see who YOU influence. (At least that's what it looks like right now.) -And of course, the age old question: Does Klout really provide any sort of value or is it just for fun?

Have you previewed the new Klout? (Be one of the first ten to use this link and you can preview courtesy of ME!) What's your favorite new feature? Can Klout REALLY provide value or is it just a tool to use for fun?