Connecting Professionally Through Social Media


In today's world the use of business cards, conference calls, in-person meetings, and presentation hand-outs are dying down.  As the increased use of social media increases, the old school professional business meeting ways decrease.  As professionals, we have to take into account the new ways there are to connect, present, and share with each other professionally. 


LinkedIn- We all know about LinkedIn.  It's the professional Facebook - or so we think that's all it is.  LinkedIn has recently stepped up it's engagement game to surprise every user.  Not only has it revamped it's layout and profile, it has added new features to simplify viewing, editing, and usage.  LinkedIn is home to 175 professionals worldwide. With that number growing comes increased engagement across this channel.  LinkedIn now allows you to "endorse" your connections.  Forget a "Hey,  wondering how things are doing on your end" email. This is a 100% better way to re-connect with a business sales lead - a compliment! Linked in now has opened up it's gate to allow for more relevant information about it's members' networks showing "Shared Interests."  This is a GREAT way to foster new relationships and better engagement between users.


Slideshare- No more emailing presentations. Please - you know that file is to large to send anyway.  Slideshare is the world's largest place for sharing presentations.  You can upload presentations to be public or private.  Send your colleagues  or business contacts your presentations by sending links. Slideshare is the number one way to get your presentations out there for everyone to see.  Now, not just the people you are trying to send those slides to, but everyone can see how great your work is! Also, if you have a SlideShare account, you can import your existing presentations into LinkedIn.  You can also sync your Slideshare with your Facebook.  This way, when you upload a presentation, everyone on all three of these networks can see you brilliance! Check out the 7 steps to Slideshare success.


Google + Hangouts-   I know we are all terrified of dropping a connection or lag on video time, and unfortunately until we have teleporting, those issues probably won't be solved.  Google + however, has gotten pretty close.  Google + Hangouts are the best way to bring together different business partners, colleagues in different locations, and employees.  Hangouts also scales better than our older ways of video chatting, making it much easier to add new people to the meeting. Audio is tremendously good at long range.


How do you connect professionally using social media?