Discussing Social Media With the Doc

By Dave Kerpen In this October’s premiere Watch Me Wednesday, I had the opportunity to speak with nationally recognized cardiologist, Dr. Kevin Campbell.  Dr. Campbell is a social media pioneer in the world of medicine, leveraging technology to educate his patients on health related issues.  Through social media, Dr. Campbell works to inform the public on common patient disparities.  By using Facebook, Twitter, and his Blog to spread awareness, he stays committed to serving the under-served.

Dr. Campbell is a strong social media advocate as it has allowed him to become a trusted leader in his field.  His advice to doctors interested in joining the social media phenomenon? Understand what social is about, study physician-initiated blogs, and check out what other doctors are writing about in their tweets and Facebook posts.  Ultimately Dr. Campbell says that social media is where patients are, so that's where doctors ought to be.  Are you following your doctor on social media?