I Delete Every Email You Send Me

By Ricky DeMaio It’s true. I do. I’m on so many marketing blast email lists; I get hundreds of emails a day. I have, as I’m sure many of you have, a separate email JUST for collecting these things. I don’t check it often, and when I do, I delete every email I see. So how do you, the digital marketer for a brand, get my attention, even when you already have my personal information?

You should use Facebook’s power editor and create an ad campaign that specifically targets those individuals on your email list. Stop wasting your words in emails that get deleted, and talk to your customers where they spend their time: on Facebook. You can create a Custom Audience based on emails, phone numbers, or Facebook user IDs. This is a seriously useful update to Facebook’s ad platform because now, in addition to targeting potential new customers, you can continue your conversation with individuals who are either already your customers, or are already interested in your product or service. Here are 3 ways you can use this relatively new feature to your advantage:

1. Grow your Facebook audience by connecting with fans who already like your brand in real life. You might have thousands of email addresses of customers and interested parties. But are all these people part of your Facebook community? You might not be targeting them in your regular fan growth ads, but you definitely want them connected to you. They may already be suggesting your brand to their friends and family.

2. Launch specific campaigns to specific customers. Do you have a specific database of particularly loyal customers? A friends and family group? Now you can offer them benefits and deals on Facebook. You can leverage their personal network on the social network that they spend the most time on, maximizing your exposure to your most loyal customers.

3. Continue your conversation online. Did you host an event recently, where you collected emails? Don’t just throw those emails on your marketing blast list. Reach out to them on Facebook, thanking them for joining you. Invite them to join your Facebook community, and continue communicating with them.

These are just a few ways you can leverage one of Facebook’s recent innovations. What are some other ways you can utilize Facebook's Custom Audience targeting tool?