Obama vs. Romney: The Likeable Factor

By Dave Kerpen

In my new book, Likeable Business: Why Today's Consumers Demand More and How Leaders Can Deliver, I discuss  11 principles essential for successful leadership--both in business and in politics. As Roger Ailes, the communication coach for Presidents Reagan and George H.W. Bush once wrote, "The silver bullet in business and politics is the like factor.All things being equal, we are more likely to vote for people we feel we like."

Despite his better-than-anticipated performance in the first debate, Romney lacks qualities of likeability that Obama exemplifies---from authenticity and transparency to storytelling and passion, Obama's likeability will guarantee him another four years.

For more on how the two presidential candidates stack up when it comes to likeability, check out my recent interview with Buzz Feed: "5 Reasons Why Obama Is Undeniably More Likeable Than Romney."

Between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, who do YOU think is more likeable, and why? Let me know in the comments!