Skills, Expertise, and Endorsements Now From LinkedIn

By Ike Brooker An enjoyable Internet sport is running through your Klout Influencers and giving a +K to your friends and other influencers. What if this sport could potentially land you a dream job, or just any job?

Recently LinkedIn introduced Endorsements. It allows LinkedIn users to endorse their connections with 1 click.  Just click the endorse button, choose a skill, and you’re done. You can even do multiple skill endorsements, and suggest new skills they may have missed.

This is powerful because it allows you to build your resume socially using your influential connections. As many people in management positions get busy, they have trouble making time for the written endorsement. This eliminates that stress, and clearly shows where a users strengths are. Never could get your old boss to write you a recommendation because they were too busy? Now it’s just 1 click away.

As you build your endorsements, your skills and strengths become apparent. As your influence grows, it let’s others know where you are a thought leader. This allows other thought leaders to connect you, and build your industry network as well.

How do you think endorsements will change your next job hunt?