Social Project Management: A Necessary Element for Success

By Andi Barton With continuous innovation in the social media industry, it has become do-or-die to keep up with all the changes. It is essential to adapt to the many updates in order to demonstrate your social credibility in the space. Proving to be an early adopter when it comes to your social presence is a necessity. As social media continues to expand and your brand continues to spread across the many evolving networks, you will need to find balance. What is the key to being able to still effectively focusing on your daily community management? You need a strong additional focus on project management. In order to keep your pages constantly engaged, it is clear that community management should remain a priority. However, in order to maintain a sense of clarity and direction, it is worth the venture to invest in project management as well. Here are the 3 main ways in which your social media strategy can benefit from this additional focus:


1. Organization: When you invest in additional support with project management, you are able to organize the entirety of your social media direction. By tacking on support for your social strategy with a project manager, this allows the entirety of your social structure to tie together. As your presence continues to grow, you will find that the addition of new networks and your efforts per page will significantly add up. The project manager is your input of organization through which each network, promotion, report, daily task etc. is able to funnel through. With an overarching set of eyes through more account management support, every detail will remain on track and each element of your account’s implementation will receive attention. Community Management and the day-to-day execution on all of your pages requires constant attention- with an added element of a project manager to keep all loose ends together, you are able to ensure that each project and deliverable item is on track.

2. Timeliness: One of the most important factors in your social media execution is your timeliness. If you are unable to manage your community in a timely fashion, you will lose the ability to acquire and retain your fan base. When you are able to project timelines for each deliverable item in your strategy, having the entirety of your approach laid out visually allows the rest of your execution to remain on track. Whether it be quarterly goals or your day-to-day items, project management organization allows for items to be pushed out in the most timely fashion. When sticking to an organized projection, you will find that even tacking on additional projects and ventures are easier and manageable.

3. Optimization:  With the support through account management, project managers allow for an extra set of eyes on your social presence. Through the timely organization of all that will be pushed out for your social, the project manager has an overarching vision as to what you are able to take on in the coming months, and where to plan accordingly to add in new relevant and opportune projects. With the ability to oversee and help execute your social strategy, through project management you can properly allocate your resources. This way, as previously mentioned, you can remain an early adopter by quickly preparing to incorporate the latest and greatest in social.

Where would the addition of project management help support your brand’s social strategy? Share your thoughts in the comments below!