Storylane, A More "Human" Internet, And What It All Could Mean For Your Brand

By Samy Simorangkir

A new startup is tapping into the core of what connects us as human beings: the act of storytelling. A library of human experiences, Storylane is one of the latest social networks that aims to humanize the web - or build a more likeable web, if you will - by providing a space for people to share meaningful and profound content, as opposed to the saturation of often shallow content that many believe the social web has become. In this way, it is similar to Medium (which is still "invite-only" to publish) but with a greater focus on building each individual's profile and online presence with a collection of personal stories. While Medium aims to level the playing field in the publishing world, Storylane is reinventing the way we present ourselves on the web.

Many of its features are reminiscent of other platforms such as Tumblr, Pinterest, and even Quora with its Q&A feature. While Storylane isn't the first platform to allow people to have their voices heard, its design and functionality do make it much easier and more accessible for people to share in-depth stories in the form of text, image or audio than becoming a blogger. For those who have trouble deciding what to write about, prompts help get creative juices flowing. After setting up my account, I was prompted with two questions: one has a specific special-interest theme and provides an opportunity for a lot of elaboration; the other, the light, personal question of what my pet's name is.

Another question I saw - "What did you study in college? Are you still applying that knowledge in your job?" - allows for self-reflection as well as an opportunity to provide readers insight into your background. These examples show the range of content that users are encouraged to share and the kind of varied storytelling space that Storylane is aiming to create, with the common thread simply being "things that matter." As for the social aspect,  you have the option to follow people, peruse trending stories, or browse categories that interest you. You can ask certain users to respond to certain existing prompts or provide story suggestions of your own. And after you've read a story, you have the option to give feedback (beyond just a "like") as well as to share on Storylane or other networks.

What This Could Mean For Your Brand

If Storylane takes off and opens up to businesses, this could give your company an opportunity to be involved in a community of highly engaged users with rich content. Brands would have the opportunity to share their stories - past, present, and future - in a more profound way than the Facebook timeline, for instance. Furthermore, you could also glean key insight about your customers and fans by listening to the intricate stories that they share on the platform.

What do you think of Storylane? Do you think it will last? Are Storylane and similar emerging platforms  an indication of things to come for the future of social media? Share your thoughts in the comments!