What The Changes To LinkedIn Mean For You

The social media world is a buzz with new announcements from LinkedIn about its new INfluencer program. Now, when you land on LinkedIn Today, you will immediately be alerted that you can now follow 150 INfluencers, all well-known for the skills they bring to their specific field. But what do these changes mean for the average user?

Access to thought leaders by industry and topic.  LinkedIn is often thought of a business-centric social network, with the majority of users either connecting for business purposes or trying to find a job. Now, LinkedIn has flipped that on its head. You now have access to thought leaders in politics, the culinary field, finance, and more. LinkedIn shows that there is so much more to LinkedIn than keeping a live resume. It's about having a resource where you can go to access information from the top leaders in the industry. 

Regular updates and sharing. One thing that LinkedIn is often faulted for is that content tends to get stale. You might go to the page and see that your connection has connected with a few others, or someone has shared an article. Very few users check LinkedIn on a daily basis to see the newsfeed. Now, if you're aware that people you're sincerely interested in will be sharing LinkedIn-specific content, that will keep you going back again and again.

Personalized recommendations to expand your knowledge in your favorite subjects. As the network learns who you follow, they will start to recommend more potential thought leaders that you might never have thought of. This is the beauty of social media. As the technology gets smarter, so will you!

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