Why Facebook Gifts Is Going To Be A Success

By Tim Bosch

Just in time for the holiday season-- Facebook Gifts!

Facebook Gifts is by far Facebook's smartest approach towards f-commerce thus far. It plays on all Facebook's strengths and has a legitimate value-add for the end user. Turning the vast amount of user data into recommendations has always been the "800 pound gorilla" in the world of f-commerce, but accurate product recommendations are not the only benefit to the buyer.

The basic idea: When Facebook sees you use words like “happy birthday” or “congratulations”, you will be prompted to buy something through their new gift store. Basically, Facebook is trying to monetize naturally occurring behavior.

Facebook Gifts uses Facebook's social graph to solve the biggest annoyance in gift giving: not knowing the address of the recipient. When you buy a gift for someone, the recipient will receive a notification asking them to choose an existing stored address, or add a new one, eliminating any guesswork for the gift giver.

The way Gifts assesses the profile of the recipient and recommends relevant gifts is an awesome benefit for people who like giving gifts, but dislike shopping. Not to mention, this is the perfect solution for a last minute gift, since the gift recipient will receive a notification the moment you buy them a gift (unlike any other e-commerce platform I know of).

As of now, over 100 Facebook partners are populating this new gift shop with products available via desktop or mobile! I'm excited to see where Facebook will take this huge revenue opportunity.

Is Gifts a shot across Amazon’s bow? Do you expect more monetization moves from Facebook? I would like to hear your thoughts, so please leave a comment below!