3 Tips To Improve Your Content This Holiday Season

By Jenna Lebel Content is a powerful tool in a marketer’s arsenal. Creating compelling, meaningful content for your brand should be a priority year-round. But at the holidays, when consumers are spending lots of time and money online, content should be an even larger focus.  An effective content marketing strategy can help generate new customers and connect at a deeper level with existing ones. For many companies, the holidays mark the final sales push of the year. As holiday shoppers take to ecommerce sites in droves this year, they will be more likely to buy from companies they trust. Even in a state of desperation, a holiday shopper will be hesitant to turn to a company he/she doesn’t know and trust. Content marketing can help in that process. Here are a few tips for creating better content during the holidays. And if you’re looking for methods for breaking through the social media clutter this holiday season, download our latest white paper here.

 1.       Keep It Short, Focused, and Frequent

Consumers are inundated with marketing messages this time of the year. Brands are sharing coupons, discounts, and offers in the hopes of driving more sales. As a result, consumers will quickly scan and filter content more than they normally do. Keep your content short because it's easier to scan . Focus your content and avoid introducing several topics in one message because it's easier to digest. And lastly, increase the frequency of your content marketing efforts to ensure users see your messages during this busy time of year.

 2.       Provide New and Useful Information

Consumers face high demands and high stress levels during the holidays. Use your content to make their lives easier instead of adding on more demands. Research some of the most talked about things online at any given time and provide answers and resources for those. Share gift giving guides, party hosting tips, and any other helpful information to make your brand stand out.

3.       Show Your Softer Side

The holiday season is a time for consumers to reunite with loved ones. People are making plans with family and friends, sharing photos from holiday parties, trading gift ideas, discussing holiday traditions, and asking for advice on certain items. And they’re doing this all online. The holidays provide marketers the opportunity to show a softer, more lighthearted side of their brand. Brands can listen to and be a part of these conversations taking place. Brands can also lead these discussions by sharing their own holiday stories and traditions and connecting to consumers on an emotional level. After all, emotions are often at an all-time high during the holidays.

What other tips do you have for content marketing this holiday season?