3 Ways Consumer Brands Can Use Pinterest This Holiday Season

By Serena Goldberg Pinterest has become one of the most popular social network sites since it launched in March 2010. Because of its visual content and photo-sharing capabilities, the network has also recently started becoming popular with consumer brands and retailers – but only in conversations and not actions. Many consumer brands and retailers are only just starting to get their feet wet with this site and many haven’t even touched it yet. However, with the holiday season fast-approaching, consumer brands need to set up their game and engage with their customers on Pinterest.  By not doing so, brands will be losing out not only on revenue opportunities but turning customers into loyal fans.

Pinterest’s photo sharing feature goes beyond just encouraging engagement between users. Pinterest is also essential in driving web traffic and sales on retail sites. According to a survey by PriceGrabber in March, 21% of respondents who use the site say that they have purchased a product after seeing its picture on the site.  If brands are not using Pinterest or not using it to the best of their capabilities, they are losing out on additional revenue. And with consumers flocking to this site for ideas for the upcoming holiday shopping season, brands need to be where their customers are and help aid in the sharing of these ideas. We’ve laid out three ways that consumer brands can use Pinterest to be more effective this holiday period:

  1. Set up a profile.  Many retail brands have already done so but if not, this is a must-do immediately. Using consumer surveys and information on customers can help brands determine what will stick for pins and boards. Brands should think outside the box and not just display product after product on their page.  They should think about activities and events their customers like and incorporate these types of photos into their boards. Having a strategy first before pinning is essential so there is a reason behind each and every board and pin.
  2. Add appropriate tracking. Consumer brands will immediately see consumer reaction to boards and pins from engagement metrics.  However, brands need to take additional measures and add tracking codes to each pin to fully see the effectiveness of their efforts. According to data released by Shareaholic in September, Pinterest has beaten Yahoo in organic traffic, making Pinterest the fourth largest traffic driver worldwide. Users are clicking through from pins on Pinterest to retailers’ websites. Brands can optimize their profiles and boards by using tracking codes and seeing what works and what doesn’t.
  3. Launch a fun holiday-themed campaign. Consumers love sweepstakes and contests - what better tactic to use for driving engagement and traffic this holiday season. Executing a holiday-themed promotion is timely and can incorporate what users are already doing and enjoying – pinning photos.  Brands will see long-term SEO value via inbound links from Pinterest back to the site, as well as a general increase in brand awareness among Pinterest users of the brand.

What are you doing on Pinterest this holiday season? Have you see any brands launch effective holiday-themed Pinterest campaigns?