All The Cool Kids Are Doing It! Are You?!

By Rindaanne Riccio

There used to be a time when people would get up, get ready for their day, go to work or school, come home, relax, catch their favorite shows and do it all over again the next day. We still do those things, but now, thanks to Social Media, we are tweeting, Facebooking, and checking in everywhere we go! The world as we know it today is viewed via a Facebook status or updated in 140 characters -- or as kids call it these days, everyday life!

Social Media has not only taken over our lives but has even affected how we view our favorite celebrities, shows and music artists. No one is untouchable! This is especially true when it comes to Twitter. You can interact with everyone and anyone and this includes people of social status!

If you are a brand and you want to be successful in Social, you should definitely look at how the world of things has changed in media and entertainment. If something as influential as those topics has aligned with social media, you should as well and take notes on how they are doing it! When was the last time you watched your favorite television show and didn't see a hashtag in one of the corners? If your TV show list is anything like mine, it probably hasn't been since before CW gave One Tree Hill the boot. (#InDenial #TeamNathanScott) Broadcast networks are using hashtags because they are aware there is a conversation going on and they want to join in and see what people are saying.

Even the music we listen to is influenced by Social Media!

For Example:

'Amen'- Meek Mill ft. Drake "Worry ’bout your followers, you need to get your dollars up" - @Drake

'My Chick Bad'- Ludacris ft. Nicki Minaj

“It’s going down. #Basement”@NickiMinaj

As a brand, you need to make sure that your product/service is going to survive in social media by knowing how to leverage it! Use hashtags, don’t be afraid to get your name out there in relevant and current conversations! If you are promoting yourself via television, magazines, radio, etc. be sure you are including social media in there because people are going to want to see for themselves what you are saying. Most importantly, be knowledgeable on what is going on in the world of Social Media. We have witnessed time and time again fights on twitter from celebrities or brands tweeting things just because they see other people are talking about. This is public stuff and you need to remember that. A bad tweet posted for 10 seconds can be seen by 10 million people. Do your research!

Lastly, be sure you are engaging and talking with your community. Some of the most loved celebrities on Twitter are loved because they join in on hashtags and they respond to those talking with them!


What else besides celebrities and media do you think social media has changed for us? How can brands use these changes to remain relevant and successful in social?