How to Use Social Media to Keep Your Employees Connected

By Kelsey Brooks We use social media for business and pleasure, but what about combining the two? Below are just a few ideas to incorporate everyday use of social media to connect your employees to each other and your organization!

1. Pinterest 

Creating a Pinterest board for staff is a fun and creative way to keep everyone engaged and involved with decisions within the organization. Planning a holiday party or rearranging the office space can be discussed over a Pinterest board. Each employee can post inspiration and ideas for all to view.

A Pinterest board can also be a good visual way to display the ultimate vision and values of the company! Pinning inspirational quotes, words, and pictures can make this board a place for employees to visit when they are feeling stressed or need a break to connect back to their company’s core values.

2. Facebook Groups

Create a team group on Facebook for easy, fun, and interactive communication for employees! The team group will allow employees to discuss anything from getting lunch together, planning a happy hour, and asking work related questions! This Facebook group will create an online community so employees will always feel connected to their coworkers.

3. Google Hangouts

Using Google Hangouts is a great tool to make sure employees who are traveling for business, working remotely, or in another office, can stay connected during meetings or other activities. Even calls consisting for just a few people can take place over Google Hangouts to create more of a connection.

Does your organization currently use social media platforms to stay connected and do you find it to be helpful?