So You Want To Boost Your Twitter Community?

By Kelsey OhmanAre you sick of hearing about influencers on Twitter?  I sure am.  Nearly every article and third-party tool suggests influencers – those with a large following and ‘expertise’ in a certain field – can help to give your brand’s Twitter handle exposure.  While this isn’t wrong, it’s not as simple as 1,2,3.  Sure, you can follow an influencer.  You can follow a thousand influencers.  But what are the chances that they’ll even notice you’ve followed, retweeted, or interacted with them?  Assuming that their Twitter streams are highly active, chances seem pretty slim that you’ll catch their attention.


Now think back to when you were new on Twitter, before you’d amassed the thousands of followers and Twitter fame you have now (or a few hundred followers and a decent Klout score, but I can dream, right?).  Remember how excited you were the first time a brand followed you?  The thrill of having a brand you recognize follow you on Twitter when you’re still a nobody on the network is an underrated moment that more brands should capitalize on.


A great tool for this is TweetStork, a service that allows users to sift through another handle’s followers by profile keywords.  This means that brands can find highly targeted yet ‘average Joe’ handles to follow, belonging to people who may not have many followers but do actively follow other brands.  What happens when you follow this type of user?  They follow back, at an impressively high rate.  And that’s not all – they’ll interact with you and tell their friends, too.  For many brands, it can be more valuable to pinpoint a few hundred average fans who will remember them the next time they’re shopping, rather than putting all efforts towards earning a mention from an influencer or two.


Do you agree?  Who's more valuable to your brand - influencers or average users?