Technology And Social Media: What Your Brand Should Emphasize

One could say that running a Social Media page for a technology brand would be essentially doing outreach to all of the “techies” on our planet. Such a task does not come easily, as the stereotype for those interested in technology seems to lean towards a group of people who want to know everything before it is even announced.  These people are the leading group when it comes to knowledge on technology and the ever changing digital world. Obviously keeping engagement and information interesting for these people can be a daunting task. This is when you can look into different social media goals for your brand, each working towards one informational source that fans will look to for news. Here are those goals: Tech Support: First and foremost, your social media outlet is a source for everyone who is looking for help with your product. Especially when it comes to technology and new digital devices, someone would rather the interaction of a social media page over the automated and impersonal website format. Having an interactive and real time response team as a part of your page is a key strategy to taking in new fans who are looking for support as well as holding onto those loyal customers.

What’s New For You: When it comes to technology fans and supporters are simply looking for the most information they can receive on the quickest time table. With blogs and websites devoted entirely on guessing the new trends in technology, fans cannot wait when rumors become truths at the actual source. Since your brand will be the hub for all of these announcements, you should make sure that you are not only presenting information but giving items, like a new product or idea, context. Instead of just releasing the details of your new reveal, try releasing the details along with the advertisement spot you have on television or in a media placement. Fans not only want to know what’s coming out, they also want to know who is buying this new idea and why they should too.

These two ideas along with fresh and clear graphics through your page are some of the key ideas for not only grabbing attention in a world of “techies” but by holding onto it long enough to create the most loyal fan base.

What "tech" companies have you seen staying on top of the Social Media game? Share your favorites in a comment!