3 NEW Ways to Reach Your Customers on Social Media

By: Andi Barton When it comes to connecting with your customers and community, it’s a necessity to remain innovative. You will lose the attention of your fans and followers if you lose the ability to bring about new and exciting originality in the social spaces. When it comes to your brand on social media, it’s important to find new ways to reach your current fans, and also find the inventive ways in which you can reach new customers. Here are 3 new and easy ways in which your brand can connect

1.      Page Notification for Fans

A new feature rolling out for brand pages on Facebook is the ability to now offer the option to your fans to opt for page notifications. In order for these notifications to be implemented, it’s only able to be applied by the fan- Pages do not have the capabilities to push their content through into fans’ personal notification (not yet at least!). This is an intriguing feature to bring to the attention of your current fan base. It’s a great option to suggest for your fans to implement during a promotional period. For example: if your fans want to maintain in the know regarding your deals and giveaways, it’s a great way to increase and maintain your engagement if your current fans are consistently looped back to your page. Encourage your fans to check out the option!

2.      Sponsored Results Advertising

Facebook advertising has proven to be a foolproof method for reaching your audience through specific targeting. A new feature that has been picking up speed in the Facebook advertising realm is Sponsored Results. Different from advertising to appear as pop-up’s alongside your target fans’ newsfeed, Sponsored Results Advertising is based on the search element of Facebook. You are able to target based on what people are searching for. It could be a specific word, page, place or even event. This is an innovative tactic for reaching potential new fans and customers. As a brand, you are able to advertise directly based on competitors, purchasing patterns, or even other existing pages you may already have.

3.      Instagram Web Profile

Instagram has been continuously growing as an adding strategy into brand’s social media networks. Especially for consumer and lifestyle brands, Instagram has proven to be a success when it comes to things product exposure and brand imagery. One downfall to the beautiful photo network was its limiting presence only to apps. A new exciting roll out for Instagram is the announcement of web profiles. This has great potential for your brand! Despite the huge growing epidemic of iPhones and smart phone popularity over the years, there may still be a significant portion of your audience that likely has not conformed. The potential for Instagram web profiles is similar to the concept of Pinterest. Pinterest’s success comes from the one-stop-shop for beautiful imagery and visual connection with your fans. Instagram accessibility on the web will open up your ability to cross-connect your social strategies, while developing your brand on Instagram. Utilize your Instagram online for photo contests and promotions. The options for brands can flourish with your page having a web presence as well.

These three new tactics may not be new innovative networks, but they are 3 new strategies in which you can use your existing brand presence. As your customers continue to explore social media, find the news way in which you can excite them. When your brand is more easily accessible, whether it be through direct advertising or content or direct notifications, your customers will appreciate your consideration and attention to detail. When you are reaching your customers in continuous new ways, they will feel connected and valued.

Which of these 3 do you predict will benefit brands most? Share your thoughts in the comments below!