Help! My Brand Isn’t Cool Enough For Social Media!

By Kate van Geldern Certain brands are made for social media, just think of how many times you’ve shared a silly photo from Oreo on Facebook, or watched a video posted by Red Bull. They have the ‘cool’ factor that enables them to post engaging content relevant to a large consumer audience. But what about the other guys? Manufacturers, software developers, and professional service providers – how can they possibly use social media without something ‘cool’ to talk about? We recommend using these three steps to help figure out the answer to that very question:

  1. First, find your audience. Understand who your business demographic is and then find them online. Are they people who post frequently on Twitter about their field, or are they more active in the comments section of a popular blog? Determining where they’re engaging in social media will help you with the next step.
  2. Second, listen closely. What are you listening for exactly? For your audiences’ interests, and more importantly, their pain points. What types of information are they retweeting; are there questions that they’re asking each other within a community? Use those findings to help develop your content plan around what captures your audience’s attention.
  3. Finally, become a thought leader. Simple, right? Provide original content so that your audience will have to come directly to you in order to consumer it. Think about publishing eBooks and tweeting out excerpts daily to drive traffic and leads. Or publish an infographic with data that will help support their business decisions and keep your brand top of mind when they’re looking for solutions.

Do you work for a brand that has challenges sourcing 'cool' content? Share your story in the comments!