Power-Up Your On-Pack with Social Media Integration

By Mallorie Rosenbluth What do consumer packaged goods have that other brands don’t? Built in billboards. CPG brands spend a lot of hours, dollars and man power ensuring their packing is attractive to their target consumer and in-line with the look and feel of their organization. It’s a billboard telling consumers “hey, pick me!” as they walk through the aisles and browse the shelves at their favorite store. This is the perfect place to begin to integrate your social messages and campaigns. Here are a few ideas to leverage your product packaging to promote social media.

1) List a clear call-to-action: Want fans to enter your latest contest to show their love of your product? Display it loud and proud on pack! Take a cue from Oreo Cakesters with their 360-degree, well-executed Dunk or Don’t campaign. They built the challenge right on pack and told fans to vote if they dunked their Cakesters on the Facebook page. It wasn’t just a link to the Facebook page or a Facebook icon like so many brand default to, but rather, it gave fans a reason to go to FB.com/Oreo and let their affinity (or not) for dunking be heard.

2)  Plan ahead and align package production schedules with social media and marketing calendars. Sure, social media moves fast and packaging typically moves slow, but the two should complement each other. Take a look at your marketing calendar and highlight one or two of your biggest campaigns each year and make those the focal point of 360 marketing. Entenmann’s* has successfully done this during the summer months on their Little Bites packaging to promote a partnership with Major League Soccer. There is a full social media component as well, supported by on-pack messaging.

3) Solicit feedback from your captive audience. When a consumer makes the decision to buy and use your product, they’ve taken the first step to forming a relationship with you. Give them opportunity to share their thoughts and experiences. But don’t go the standard, often unused by the consumer, route of listing an email or toll-free number. Instead, list your company’s Twitter handle and have a trained social media team responding to people in real-time. Consider taking the best tweets and putting them on pack down the road for fuller social media integration. Of note, I couldn’t find a brand doing this particularly well. If you know a brand (or work for a brand) that does this, tweet the author @MallorieRose!

CPG brands have a HUGE opportunity to take advantage of their packaging to promote social media campaigns and initiatives. Of course, there are challenges of this for larger brands given the speed of social media versus the slowness and shelf-life of products. But there are ways – big and small – to integrate social media meaningfully. Plan ahead, identify the areas that are most important to your organization to promote and consider interesting work-arounds (i.e can’t change your entire package for a social media campaign? How about adding a sticker or hang-tag on a limited quantity of products?). Get creative and take advantage of the space you have.

What CPG brands have you seen integrate social media on-pack well? What would you like to see as a consumer?

*Likeable client