The 8 Social Media Miracles of 2012

By Shari Donk Just as this week we are celebrating the 8 miraculous nights of Chanukkah, this blog is celebrating the 8 social media miracles of 2012. What do all of these "miracles" have in common? They were all events that no one could have predicted would occur, but when they did happen, they made a huge impact on the technology space.

Pinterest was introduced to the social media world

Looking back, I can’t believe Pinterest only broke through the social media clutter this past year. It feels like it’s been around forever. From increasing sale and proving ROI to simply increasing website/blog traffic and for brands, Pinterest was and continues to be a game changer for marketers (especially this holiday season)

Facebook bought Instagram

Zuckerberg dished out $1 billion to make sure he snagged up Instagram to enhance his already super successful site of Facebook. “For years, we've focused on building the best experience for sharing photos with your friends and family," Zuckerberg said. "Now, we'll be able to work even more closely with the Instagram team to also offer the best experiences for sharing beautiful mobile photos with people based on your interests.” While we haven’t seen this come into full force yet, Instagram + Facebook will take photo content sharing to a whole new miraculous level.

Buffer updated their iPhone app

Buffer is an amazing tool used to schedule posts at ample times where your community is listening. While their web app was pretty much perfect, their mobile app needed some work. Thankfully, Buffer rolled out with an improved iPhone app this month. Highlights include connecting multiple accounts inside the app, seamless photo sharing, on the go analytics, and an easy to move your posts around. This upgrade will certainly change the way marketers think about scheduling posts across all their networks. Full details can be found here.

Music and reading went social

No one would have ever thought listening to tunes on Spotify or reading a book on Goodreads would ever get the social leverage it has reached this year with the introduction of Facebook’s open graph. Without any extra sharing or hesitation, songs, playlists, to-read lists, etc. are shared within a user’s Facebook stream and newsfeed. It’s never been easier to discover new music and books!

LinkedIn added the endorsement feature

Don’t have time to write a full page recommendation for someone you love to work with? Well, here comes the miracle of a time saver! With LinkedIn endorsements, it’s now as easy as clicking a “like” button to show how much you appreciate a connection’s work. Skills and expertise can now be recognized in a streamlined, comprehensive manor, listed in order of most to least endorsed – a feature appreciated by professionals and HR directors alike.

Yahoo gets a real female leader

This summer, Marissa Mayer, a 13-year veteran of Google, became the CEO of Yahoo. Talk about miraculous – it is extremely rare to see a female taking the lead in any company, especially in the technology/social media field. Her success is an inspiration to all females looking to climb the corporate technology ladder. You go girl!

Google acquired Wildfire

Google has been a leader in search, SEO, and ads but has been severely lacking in the social space. This summer that social gap was filled with Google bought the social marketing developer company Wildfire. The acquisition will enhance Wildfire’s services to brands who want to run contests, sweepstakes, and more on Facebook and hopefully introduce some of those great concepts to Google’s own network, Google+.

Psy beat out Justin Bieber for the most watched YouTube video ever

This is the number one miracle of the year for me. Justin Bieber, who is the most follow celebrity on twitter with thousands upon thousands of “beliebers” tweeting him hourly, has been out watched on YouTube by newbie Psy (singer of Gangman Style). How does this happen and what does this mean for marketers? This proves that a video evicts strong emotion, whether its humor, confusion, anger, or in Psy’s case fun, will make the video go viral. This is huge for marketers. If Justin Bieber, King Twitter himself, could not uphold the number one Youtube spot, gives brands hope that even if their names are not well known in the social space, they have the opportunity to break through with great video content.

What other social media “miracles” occurred this year? Which were you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below!