3 Speed Bumps on Vine's Road to Success

By Cara Friedman The social media sphere has been buzzing with the latest release by Twitter, Vine. So far the platform has been pretty impressive and has massive potential to take the social media world by storm. However, Vine has some serious challenges that lie in its path. In order to become the breakout app of 2013 it has to be aware of what lies ahead.

1. Discovery. One the great things about Vine is finding new and interesting videos in your feed. This helps you find people to follow and topics that interest you in this relatively new space.

CHALLENGE: Porn. It has been widely reported that on Monday, human error in the Twitter offices led to a porn video being chosen as "Editor's Choice." While I am sure this mistake will never happen again, it is pretty telling that early in the game we are being bombarded with porn on Vine. This could be the downfall for Vine like we have seen with Chatroulette OR it could become a norm that users can protect against but is still integrated the platform like with Snapchat.

2. Simplicity. Getting setup on Vine and creating your first video is a piece of cake. There is literally no learning curve here. The design of the app is easy to use and the concept is easy to grasp. This means people are more likely to join in.

CHALLENGE: Instagram. It is clear that the design of Vine is very similar to Instagram. In fact, a lot of people are referring to Vine as the Instagram for videos. But what happens if Instagram adds a video function? The most recent Facebook app update include the ability to record videos within the app and post straight to Facebook. This could be a sneak peak for what is coming for Instagram. It's no secret that Facebook and Twitter have always been in competition and Instagram and Vine will likely go head to head.

3. Virality. So far Vine has been taking off! There is share functionality for the videos and your Vines get embedded into your tweets on the Twitter platform, unlike Instagram.

CHALLENGE: The big bad bully; Facebook. Want to add your friends? Well you can only connect via Twitter, not Facebook. Without Facebook Connect, Facebook is effectively blocking access to sharing the app. This makes it that much harder to find your friends and share the app with other people. This was a pretty bold move by Facebook and essentially launched social war.

Overall, the app has amazing potential. Just like 2012 was the year of Pinterest, 2013 could be the year of Vine! We hope that Twitter is planning for the worst and solutions to all the road blocks that lie ahead.

Are you using Vine? What do you think so far? Share your thoughts in the comments below!