3 Tips To Improve Your Social Media Content Strategy in 2013

Earlier this month, Dave Kerpen revealed that content marketing will become the new social media marketing in 2013. Kerpen believes content can drive strong business results from white papers, ebooks, webinars, infographics, articles, and beautiful photos and videos. 2013 is the year for bringing "content that's king" to life.


However, creating likeable content takes time and a specific strategy. Consumers can now make assumptions about your brand just by skimming its social properties. How often do they post? Do they create shareable content? Are they responsive? Do they engage in real time?


The bottom line is that creative, likeable content is king with social media. At this week's #LikeableChat, we discussed social media engagement strategies. Here are three tips to help improve your brand’s social media engagement strategy.


1. Give your community something to talk about. Everyone is talking on social media, so why not participate in the conversation? Engage with your fans by creating beautiful imagery, a quirky video or an inspirational quote. Planning in advance pays off, but don't forget to listen in real time. For successful real-time engagement, utilize resources and tools for listening and monitoring. Remember, your customer should always be at the center of your strategy.


2. Responsiveness is no longer a choice. It is critical to be present and respond in a timely fashion on any media platform. Would you hang up the phone on a customer? Not answering via social media is like hanging up the phone, with billions of people watching. Social media channels allows brands to be human. Prompt responsiveness shows consumers that the brand is accessible, transparent, and vulnerable.


3. It's not just about the text anymore. Text is boring. Spice up your social media content strategy with questions, beautiful imagery, engaging promoted posts, presentations, and enticing social ads. Bring the words on the page to life.


What are your content engagement tips? Share in the comments below!