3 Ways to Use Your Social Community for 2013 Business Resolutions

By Carrie Tylawsky  It’s the New Year, and we all know what that means – a clean slate. Clean books, clean calendar (hopefully), and, most of all, the perfect opportunity to turn over a new leaf. This can be significantly harder for a full company vs. one person, but there are still changes that can be made to make your company more profitable, nimble, and current. The best way to do this? Listen to your social community! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest – these were all marketing tools you set up in the past couple years to promote your company. Now, turn it around and use it as a megaphone to accelerate change internally and externally.

Resolution #1: Launch a successful social media campaign that people actually participate in.

Community Solution: See what products or services your customers like to talk about on social vs. the “top seller”. You might have a product that is technically the most profitable, but it might not be the most shareable. Look through your fan base to see what people are actually tweeting about, taking photos of, and pinning and then use that to propel your future social campaigns. If people are already sharing it, it’s much more likely they’ll continue to do so (and invite their friends!) with a call to action.

Resolution #2: Treat every customer service issue equally and provide the best possible care.

Community Solution: See where your customer service is lacking and make moves to improve it. Do you have stellar phone operators but a completely unresponsive Twitter? Customer service is like the golden key to any company – if it’s done well, you can earn yourself brand ambassadors for life. When it’s done poorly, you’ve opened yourself up to a whirlwind of potential backlash. The best part about social media is that people aren’t afraid to air their feelings. Similarly, the worst part about social media is that people aren’t afraid to air their feelings. Avoid this situation by closely examining ALL potential customer service portals in your company and ensuring that every touch point receives the same care.

Resolution #3: Use the great work you’ve done in social to create a case study that can be used for awards and receive the recognition it deserves.

Community Solution: See what campaigns or initiatives most resonate with your community that you might not have thought of. Every brand thinks that the campaign they spent the most money on is the one they should focus on for awards and submissions. However, that might not be the one that actually drew the best response from your social community. Go to them and ask, did you prefer when we had this amazing contest to create the next new product, or were you were interested in our philanthropic efforts? See what they say and use this information to propel your case.

What business resolutions did you make in 2013? Share in the comments below!