Feeding the Content Machine: 3 Ways To Generate Original and Interesting Content

By Carrie Kerpen Whenever I talk to a new client, their biggest fear is finding someone in their organization (or ours!) to "sit on social media all day and talk to people." I usually tell them that this is by far the EASIEST part of social media. It's literally like putting someone in the center of a room at a cocktail party-- they just have to be a good conversationalist, and a good listener.

What do I think is the hardest part of the day to day of social media? The creation of original, compelling, shareable content.


While engagement with a community is the core of building loyalty in social media, without having any of your own "message", you lose the opportunity to develop your brand in a way that can deepen your relationships with your consumers to the next level. But that's easier said than done. The endless need for content is what discourages most brands from taking it to the next level in social media, and those that do an amazing job with their content are typically those that experience the best results.


Here's how to feed the content machine-- and come up with compelling fresh content for your brand.


1. Take Out Your Smartphone: The best moments aren't planned. The best images sometimes catch your eye when you least expect it. Take pictures. Every day. The only way to get good pictures is to take LOTS of them. Share the ones you love, ditch the ones you don't. Experiment in your office, showcase your employees, or your product. Want to see an amazing example of this? Check out Red Mango and its CEO, Dan Kim.


2. Create Art: I've been reading Seth Godin's book The Icarus Deception, and I was really thrown off initially by the concept of us all as artists. But whether you're sketching a doodle, or sharing a quote that's in your head-- content is art. If you reframe content as expression of your brand's core values in short snippets of art-- you'll get more inspired. If your brand had a vision board, what would it look like. Want to see what I consider art? Check out an old favorite-- dknyprgirl on Tumblr. Whether she's sharing a quote, sketching a design, or simply talking about tv shows that resonate with the brand's audience, she creates art daily, in short form, and it works.


3. Re-share What Matters: Most people (and many brands) are smarter than I am. Really. When I consume blogs and news through my twitter feed, I find stuff that completely inspires me. (Check out this post that inspires me personally, and this one that inspires me professionally) Share what inspires you, and give credit where credits due. And remember, for brands, it's not always about what inspires you-- it's also about what inspires your desired audience.


How do you avoid content fatigue? Any tips for how to feed the content machine?
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