How To: Instagram Your Brand's Story

By  Ike Brooker Instagram has gone from being a question mark for brand content into being a great channel. It allows people to share their intimate moments with the world. Oh, and food. Lots. Of. Food.

How does this work for a brand? Instagram seems to work best when it shows quick moments, behind-the-scenes, or candid shots of things that are usually very produced.


Let's take a quick look at 3 examples of great ways to use Instagram. 


The MoMA uses it's Instagram account to take candid shots of new installations to build excitement among its followers. It's probably something it's followers haven't seen yet. So this encourages a new visit to the museum to see new work and revisit old favorites.
The Miami Heat uses it's feed to show behind the scenes and candid images that wouldn't usually be seen in general publication. Philanthropy events, warm ups, and mood shots are published. This gives the viewer a glimpse behind the scenes of a day in the life of The Heat.
Ben Hopper is a photographer from the UK who uses his Instagram in creative ways. Instead of using it to be a second outlet for photography, he uses it to show his creative process and what happens behind the scenes.
All of these approaches tell an interesting story, and telling a story is always a great way to build your brand. What they don't do is sell or showcase over-produced product shots. This should feel organic, real, and be something you would actually post yourself. Avoid posting slick, glossy, over produced shots that don't tell a story.


What creative ways have you seen Instagram used to tell a great story?


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