Return From Your Hiatus: Beginning 2013 With Social Media Success

By Sam Sudakoff Now that you're back from your family-filled -- and social media-light-- vacation, it's time to rise to the opportunities the new year brings.

Here are some tips for how to shake off your hiatus and kick off a strong 2013:

First, it's time to plan your goals. We're all familiar with New Year's resolutions, but have you ever really made some for your social media presence? NOW is the time. Do you want more Twitter follower? More Facebook likes on your page? Maybe you're looking to leverage social media to gain new clients. Whatever your goal is, now is the time to get it in writing. Post it for the world to see--nobody is better at holding you to your goals than your friends, family, and co-workers. (Personally, my goals are to grow my knowledge of social media brand leveraging and increase my personal profiles.)

Goals are planned, check. Now run a promotion that kicks the year off with a BANG! Drop the prices, raise the competitive edge, deliver more value -- the new year means you have a clean slate to open the floodgates of opportunity.

Before I leave you to your planning, here are two tidbits to consider for the advertising-stumped:

Everybody knows that this time of year is the ultimate time for RETURNS! Leverage your brand and your ads to the multitudes of people returning holiday gifts. Unless you are giving everybody you know a wishlist, odds are pretty strong that you are going to return one of your gifts. Or, indulge in the idea of treating yourself! Find great ways to allow people to pamper themselves regardless of economic status.

What are your social media goals as you dive into an exciting 2013? Do you have any more great tidbits for kicking off your New Year's campaigns?