What Matters To Me: Creating a More Likeable World

By Carrie Kerpen As many of you have already seen in the press, our fearless leader Dave has shifted from the CEO role at Likeable Media to lead the team at Likeable Local, our technology platform for small businesses. As of January 1st, I was appointed as of CEO of Likeable Media.

For those of you who know both Dave and me, you know that we are somewhat different in our approaches (aren't most married couples that way? :) ). At our holiday party this year, I announced to the staff the four things that truly matter to me as the leader at Likeable.  I found that stepping back and isolating things that are truly important to me as a leader helped me gain focus and perspective. And so, I present to you...

Things that matter to @carriekerpen in 2013:

Mission matters. Our mission is simple-- to create a more likeable world. Our work for our clients must reflect that mission for their customers. This mission has been placed on my office wall and I will be using it as a litmus test against all of our interactions as an agency.

Service matters.  Our agency isn't just about creating likeable brands, it's also about being one. My vision is for Likeable to become the "Disney" of agencies. As Disney is to magic, Likeable must be to likeability in service. This goes for every area of our company-- from our billing practices and phone reception to our marketing, creative work, community management, and account service. You name it-- it will be likeable. 

Staff matters. Selecting staff that's "likeable" can be easy. Finding likeable people who are innovative, efficient, detail-oriented, analytical, and creative? That takes time, effort and patience. This year, we will be focused on finding, retaining and growing top talent. Since our people are our product, they need to be the best.  In 2012, we were named the 28th best place to work in NYC by Crain's. I expect to see that number rise, and I expect to hear rave reviews about the quality of our staff in 2013.

Measurement Matters. Social media has been a great mystery to many for years. But time and time again, we have seen our clients have successful campaigns that are tied to revenue, lead captures, site traffic, and purchase intent. Measurement is key for our clients, for the business decisions we make internally, and for the research that we put out for all of you to consume. 

As a leader, you have to ruthlessly prioritize what matters to you-- otherwise, you can get stuck in the muck and feel like you're drowning in unnecessary details. And it's not just CEOs who need to do this-- anyone who leads a team or a project--- heck, anyone who runs a household can and should think about what matters to them. The rest is just noise.

What matters to YOU in 2013, and how can you make sure you're focusing on what matters? Share your thoughts below.