Why Marketers Should Care About @VineApp

By Serena Goldberg Last week, Twitter rolled out a new video-sharing app called Vine that allows users to capture and share six-second looping videos. Currently, the app is only available to iPhone users. Already in the top free apps in the App Store, Vine is quickly gaining popularity.

Overview of Vine

Similar to the brevity of Twitter’s 140 character limit, the videos on Vine are limited to six seconds. Short videos are meant to inspire creativity that can be accompanied with or without sound. Sharing capabilities allow for videos to be seen on Vine, Twitter, or Facebook.

How it works

iPhone users can download the app in the App store. After signing-in, users can choose to follow friends and others whose videos will then appear in their homepage stream. Users can also choose to explore videos in different categories such as Pets, Travel, Sports, and Fashion, or search for certain tags and people. Through the Vine app, users can upload their six-second videos and have the option to share their creations on the platform as well as on Facebook and Twitter. You can find more info on how Vine works here.

Implications for brands

For news outlets and brands (The TODAY Show, ABC, FOX, etc.) Vine will be a great source for displaying breaking news segments to its social audiences. Consumer brands (retail, lifestyle, fashion, CPG, etc.) can release teaser content, such as new products and behind-the-scenes clips. Vine may become an ad source for brands as they can present their videos along with promoted tweets. Creativity will be key for brands as they try to attract and engage with their customers.

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