Three Things Marketers Can Learn from the Harlem Shake

by Shari Donk For those of you who don't know (how could you not? it's blown up all over the web), the Harlem Shake is a video that has gone "viral" on YouTube. Plenty of brands, colleges, and social media users have made their own version of this silly video. You can check out the Likeable Harlem Shake below. But what can social media marketers learn from the latest internet sensation? Here are 3 lessons:

1. It takes a team - Social media cannot be handled by one person. It takes a team to build your strategy, monitor your community, and design your content. Imagine the Harlem Shake with just that one person dancing themselves the whole time? That would ruin it! That person would look ridiculous and would drown. Similarly, your social media would drown without a strong team supporting it.

2. Timing is everything - If you decide to post a Harlem Shake video later this week, you'll be too late. It'll be "so last week" and no one will want to watch it. Social media content follows the same rules. Still posting about the Super Bowl black out? Irrelevant. Stay in tune to all things related to your business, your brand, and your fans' interest. Posting content at the right time about the right topic can put your business on the map.

3. Take chances and be spontaneous - Always keep your fans intrigued and excited with new, interesting content. Make custom photos, info graphics, or link out to a vine. I'm sure the guy who started the Harlem Shake videos didn't expect it to become a huge internet success. Do something different - you never know what will come of it!

What lessons have you learned from the Harlem Shake?