What Twitter's Ad API Means For You

By Alexandra Ostrow On Wednesday, Twitter announced the launch of its long anticipated Ads API (Application Programming Interface), making it the third global social media platform to offer APIs as a targeted marketing solution.

To start, Twitter has opened up its API to five partners, listed below. If Twitter’s trajectory looks anything like Facebook’s, it will be another year and a half or so before the API comes out of beta, potentially longer given that Twitter is a private company highly focused on user experience.

  • Adobe
  • Hootsuite
  • Salesforce
  • Shift
  • TBG Digital

What This Means For You

  • Brands who had previously used the manual Twitter advertising platform and make the shift to capitalize on the open API will immediately note the change, as updating campaigns will be much more of a seamless process and targeting will be infinitely more granular.
  • As more brands make the leap to advertise on Twitter, competition within the space will increase. Brands will be forced to rethink their advertising campaigns so as to authentically appeal to users.
  • Twitter advertising will become less costly while simultaneously resulting in greater reward.
    • After using the API, Adobe Social reported a 63% increase in Twitter followers and a 60% decrease in cost-per-follow.

How It Will Change the Landscape

If they haven’t already, brands will begin to shift heavily into the Twitter advertising space. eMarketer predicts that Twitter’s revenue stream will jump 90% this year to $560 million.

Many are concerned that the authentic real-time nature of Twitter will be compromised as the newsfeed becomes overrun with advertising. This will be a challenge Twitter needs to overcome, likely by finding new ad products and/or ways to advertise.

More information can be found here.