3 Things To Consider For LinkedIn

By Brian Murray LinkedIn is one of the most useful networks for any professional. It can be a great tool to drive sales, find decision makers, find a job, or source your next employee. With over 200 million users that are socially savvy, career-focused networkers, there is a great opportunity no matter your position or industry. Whatever your purpose, you must consider these three things when using LinkedIn:

1) Are you an anonymous user?

Don't be this person. LinkedIn is a tool that you should be using professionally. When you're looking at a profile, make sure that the user can see that you viewed their profile. Unless you are doing something super sneaky like checking out a past flame, there is no reason to not let them see this. People are narcissistic and always check the "Who has viewed your profile" feature. Whether you are in sales and looking at a key decision-maker or you just applied for a job and  are checking out the HR Manager, this could be a great way to draw attention to yourself while not coming across as stalking. Your recon could potentially turn into a conversation that may drive  the result you are looking for!

Quick Hint:

  • Click "Settings" in the upper right hand side of any screen.
  • Click "Select what others see when you've viewed their profile."
  • Select the top option.
Voila! No more anonymous user!
2) What have you done and what are your skills?
Whether you are on a job search or are looking to expand your business, your profile needs to up to date. Make sure that you've fully listed out your work history. Lucky for you, this isn't a resume with a one page constraint. You should list every position you have had, as well as any technical skills. This does not mean you should do a keyword dump, but do make sure that everything you can do is listed. Keyword searches--whether by recruiters or people looking for vendors/agencies--can be a great way to be found. If you haven't listed what you can do, there is very little chance that people will find you!
Quick Hints:
  • Endorsements are a great way to get noticed. When you've listed your skills, people will be able to endorse you. This can lead to credibility in the space!
  • If you are looking to drive traffic to your profile, giving endorsements can be a great way of getting people to look at you.
  • Don't over endorse people as it can come across incredibly spammy.

3) Have you connected?

There are a few benefits to having a robust LinkedIn network. When you have connections in common with someone whom you are not directly connected with, you are able to see more information. If you regularly share content on LinkedIn, you will have a greater opportunity to engage with others and a greater chance at surfacing others' news feeds! One of the best tools you can use to build your network is the "Import Contacts" feature. By clicking on "Contacts" and then "Add Connections," you will be prompted to input your email data. While I don't suggest you blindly send out a request to connect with everyone who has ever emailed you, this can be a great way to find those diamonds in the rough!

Quick Hint:

  • Don't just send the generic request to connect. Instead, personalize your request and tell the person why you are looking to connect!

Has LinkedIn ever help you sell something or land a job? Tell me about it in the comments!