3 Things You Need To Know About Today’s Facebook Announcement

by Tiffany Hopkins

No time to tune in to today’s big Facebook announcement? No problem! We’ve got you covered.

Here are the top three Facebook News Feed changes that matter most  for your brand:

 1) Choice of feed: Facebook cited user experience as a key reason for the change in News Feed design. Users will now be able to curate their feed to highlight the content they care about most. In addition to the main feed, users will now have feeds categorized into: Friends, Photos, Events, Music, Games and Following. Personalized lists like Close Friends will also be available, and all feeds will be sorted by usage.

2) Streamlined User Experience Across Desktop & Mobile: The Facebook user experience will now be uniform across desktop, mobile and tablet,  hopefully alleviating woes concerning user interaction with content across devices.

3) What About Ads? There was no mention of Facebook ads during the live announcement. However, with the News Feed change, there will inevitably be a shift in Facebook’s ad offering that will likely lean toward a more “organic” integration with user content within the News Feed and perhaps even  targeting specific categorized feeds.

How will Facebook’s News Feed update affect your brand? Share in the comments!