Everything You Need To Know About Facebook Insights Updates

By Cara Friedman Last week marketers were outraged to learn that Facebook Insights had been inaccurately reporting data on their pages. Any smart social media campaign is based on metrics, and to  report these numbers, marketers heavily rely on Insights. Facebook explained that there was a bug in Insights that was under-reporting the numbers and causing Facebook administrators to question their engagement and growth. Since then Facebook has corrected this issue. Here's what you need to know about the change:

What Was Affected?

Mainly impression and reach reporting were affected. It is important to note that impression and reach numbers are used when calculating other Facebook Insights such as engagement and virality. While the actual errors will vary from page to page, most people have noticed a decline across the board on Insights numbers.

What Should We See Now?

Facebook is reporting several numbers to look out for. Your total reach should have either stayed the same or increased slightly. You will also see an increase in page reach for those pages that were running ads in the News Feed. There was a reported change in organic reach (either up or down) depending on fan base and post timing. You will see a change in engagement rates and virality as well.

How Does This Affect Facebook?

Marketers rely on Facebook Insights as a trusted resource to measure ROI for their brand pages. When bugs like this happens, we lose trust in Facebook and may look elsewhere for statistics. Facebook recognized this and addressed the problem with the following statement:

We know that accurate data is fundamental to building and improving your Facebook presence. We are taking this very seriously. We have already put a number of additional quality and verification measures in place to prevent future bugs and resolve them quickly if they arise.

Facebook has pressure to produce revenue, and without accurate data, marketers will take their business elsewhere. Let's hope they continue to take these concerns seriously.

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