How To Beef Up Your Business Blog

By Gabrielle Richter

72,000,000.  That's the approximate number of live business blogs on the internet. Blogging is no longer reserved for the social media or tech savvy.  Brands of all sizes and industries are taking advantage of this platform in order to increase web traffic, generate leads, and gain credibility.  With 72,000,000 business blogs out there, engagement and differentiation is a prerequisite for success.  Beef up your business blog and become 1 in 72 million with these 5 strategies.

1. Go Beyond Text

Capture readers' interest with content other than text.  Supplement quantitative information or survey results with charts or infographics.  Add photos when relevant to enhance viewing pleasure.  Include press videos and podcasts when blogging about news events.  Any rich content can help improve overall reader experience. Southwest Airline’s popular blog, Nuts About Southwest, does an excellent job of utilizing a variety of content to ensure repeat traffic. Its creative media mix contributed to the brand’s 2011 Top Ten Corporate Blogs recognition.

2. Introduce Your Blogging Team

Fans respond favorably to brands they connect with on a human level.  Humanize your company’s blog by introducing the blogging staff.   These contributors will act as a consumer’s personal connection to your brand.  With a team of versatile bloggers, your blog can appeal to a wider audience.  The San Francisco design company Adaptive Path has perfected this tactic, allowing readers to search blog posts by author and learn about their favorite bloggers through published bios.

3. Share Success Stories

Offer insight into your company’s past achievements.  Tell inspiring stories that highlight the role of your product or service in a bigger personal or professional development.  General Electric’s blog, GE Reports, does an excellent job of promoting the brand by inspiring and defining stories that feature GE products.  The blog truly paints a limitless image of the GE brand.

4. Address Community Inquiries

When used to address your community’s comments, questions, and concerns, your blog will act as an accessible and relevant industry resource.  Allow readers to submit questions and concerns publicly or anonymously and address them directly in a forum format or in your next traditional blog post.  Global machinery and equipment brand Catepillar has a blog page dedicated to addressing the inquiries of its online community. Here guests can submit their questions under the appropriate topic category and have them answered directly by Catepillar staffers and blog contributors.  This establishes CAT as more than a quality producer, but also a brand of thought leadership and industry knowledge.

5. Go Behind-the-Scenes

Satisfy a consumer’s need to connect with your brand by promoting transparency. Provide a sneak peak of a new product, an exclusive look into the product production process, or an employee interview.  Disney’s Disney Parks Blog flawlessly executes this strategy by offering insight into the company's new and upcoming attractions, a glimpse of Disney's stage show rehearsals, and more, making it one of the most celebrated business blogs to date.

What are the best features of your favorite business blog? Share your thoughts in the comments!