Why Your Fans Are Just Not That Into You

By Alexandra Ostrow You're a smart, savvy marketer with a killer brand and a large fan following. And yet, the engagement on your page is far from ideal.

It's unfortunate, but it happens. The truth is: your fans are just not that into you. Here's why.

1. Branded Imagery As content marketing becomes a core focus in the industry, more and more brands are making the mistake of creating overly branded content. We understand that you have brand guidelines, but your posts are screaming advertising, not organic engagement. If the photos you share are framed in your brand colors and there's a logo planted in the lower right hand corner of every single one, it is more than likely your fans will not be sharing your photos.

2. Your Product Review in [Insert name of media outlet] It's awesome that your PR team secured a highly coveted review in one of the top news outlets. Congrats to them on a job well done. That being said, your fans just hid your posts from appearing in their Newsfeed. If you want to share a review, find a way to do so in a modest and/or conversational manner. Are you pee-your-pants excited? Let them know. Want to know what they like best? Ask them. Trust me, your content will go further if you humanize your brand.

3. Post Frequency Ten times a day? Ten times a month? It's probably time to rethink how often you're posting. You want to appear in your fans' feeds enough that you stay top of mind, but not enough that they get tired of seeing you. Best advice for doing so? Experiment. Post compelling content once per day for one week and then twice per day during the following week. Keep posting times consistent so you can properly evaluate the effectiveness of your trials. Once you've found your sweet spot, try the same experiment with the times that you post. You won't be sorry.

4. Responsiveness You probably know what I'm going to say, but I'm going to have to say it anyway. Your fans are looking to converse with you. If you're not responding to their comments or you're using generic "thank you" messaging after every one of their posts, you're missing the point. You've spent your whole life communicating--with your boss, your grandmother, your friends, etc. You've already got the skills, so use them!

If you're following what I'm saying, but want to see a few examples of brands that are doing it right, check these guys out:

Did I miss anything? Share your biggest brand pet peeves below!