Social Media: Can You Keep Up?

By Cara Friedman Social media is moving at warp speed and with all these changes, it's hard to keep up! If there's one trend in 2013 we can count on, it's that things are moving faster than ever. There's no room to get comfortable and as a marketer it is your job to stay one step ahead. Of all the core values we preach at Likeable, being adaptable may be your most useful asset this year as we address the ever changing social space.

Facebook Graph Search

This was the first big change of the year and it is clear Facebook is making moves to overall better search. Nobody does search better than Google so it seems as this was a direct attack. So far, there have been no huge implications for the changes made to graph search but since it's launch there have been several different versions that Facebook has been testing. This is an indication that Facebook is just dipping its toes in the water and that there is much more to come here.

Twitter Launches Vine

Though of mostly as "Instagram with video," Vine hasn't exploded as expected just yet. It is still early and people are beginning to use Vine more and more but Vine needs to be innovative and stick with the 2013 trend of change.

Instagram Web Pages

Not super new at this point, but telling in terms of Instagram's future. When Instagram removed their preview feature from Twitter, we knew that meant big things for Instagram as an independent network. Let's see what Instagram does in 2013 to step up their game.

Pinterest Analytics

Long awaited but not so sophisticated yet. Pinterest isn't talked about as much anymore but it is still ranked as one of the most popular social networks. As analytics develop and improve, Pinterest will become more valuable for brands.

Facebook Newsfeed

Likely the biggest change brands need to lookout for, the new newsfeed will require a whole new approach to content. Sizing is different, text is displayed differently, less reach by losing the ticker, and more. As usual, never get comfortable with Facebook because once you do, it will change again.

Twitter Ads API

Still application only so far, but finally a do-it-yourself platform similar to Facebook that brands can use on Twitter. The cost per like will still be significantly lower than cost per follower but there is an added value to having a follower opt-in to your tweets as opposed to a Facebook user liking your page. Once more brands are on the platform, it will be interesting to see if  Twitter can handle the volume.

LinkedIn Search

Another contender on the search front! Better search on LinkedIn is CRUCIAL for B2B brands. The potential here to find decision makers and expand your business are endless.

How do you keep up with the trends? How many of the above do you think will change within the next few months? Share your thoughts below!