The Buzz About Buzzfeed Content Marketing

By Gabrielle Richter Appropriately titled is quite an effective social platform for creating and spreading buzz.  A launching pad for hilarious gifs, pop culture references, and human-interest pieces, the multimedia platform is a breeding ground for content marketing.  Brands have capitalized on the carte blanche style of Buzzfeed to generate creative, non-branded, shareable content.  Brands can stimulate optimal buzz while simultaneously maintaining their integrity with the use of these Buzzfeed marketing strategies.

1) Keep content lighthearted.

The potential earned media is a marketer’s main drive to the social platform, so content must be worthy of sharing. Interesting and unbranded content is most effective for illiciting shares. Brands on Buzzfeed must adapt their content to the site’s light and playful dynamic.  For instance, after the announcement of Instagram for Android, Virgin Mobile did an excellent job of employing the use of lighthearted human interest content while subtly promoting the brand by posting a timely list: "11 Things No One Wants to See You Instagram."

2) Stay true to brand values.

Although lighthearted content is effective on Buzzfeed, it's still important for a brand to stay true to its voice and core values rather than posting superfluous content.  Although it's not advised to post evidently branded content, a lack of brand identity in content can contribute to brand dilution.  GE does an impressive job of staying true to brand values while producing intriguing and shareable content.  The brand partnered with Buzzfeed to create the “Efficiency Machine” that allows users to adjust the content that appears on their Buzzfeed homepage.  The brand has also incorporated its tagline “what works” to stimulating lists and articles such as "10 Reasons Why New York City Works."

3) Employ a variety of content.

It is essential that content on Buzzfeed not only stays true to a brand’s core values, but is also varied.  Buzzfeed is a platform for mass marketing, and brands need to recognize the varying demographics and psychographics of readers.  Although humorous content works, it is more effective to supplement the comedic value with other emotionally stimulating content.  Toyota's Buzzfeed channel incorporates both informative and zany posts such as "The Best And Worst US Cities for Commuting" and  "20 Adorable Animals Who Love Riding Shotgun."  This variety of wacky and serious content helps maintain the brand’s credibility while keeping all types of Buzzfeed users interested and engaged.

What are your favorite brands on Buzzfeed? Share your thoughts in the comments!