The Future of Social Media is in Your Pocket

By Mallorie Rosenbluth I recently had the privilege of keynoting Visit Salt Lake's annual Social Media Seminar where the theme of the day was Social, Mobile, Local. My presentation touched on the profound impact mobile has had on social media and consumer interaction, as well as our ability as marketers to create rich media using nothing but our cell phones. At the end of the presentation, I left the audience with some key takeaways for how to get started incorporating mobile devices to the marketing mix. Here are the highlights:

1) Keep it gritty! Photos and videos shared on social media don't need to be perfect -- and your audience will respond more favorably if they're not.

2) Plan ahead! If you're at an event, an important location, or just in your office during a day when there are lots of photo ops, take advantage of the opportunity. Capture tons of photos and video to use later (you don't have to post them the moment you take them). Re-purpose and be smart about content planning.

3) Try new things! The beauty of social media is that while your posts last "forever,"  the reality is that in most cases it will only last a few hours or days. If your community doesn't respond well, try something new. And keep trying until you find what sticks.

Check out the complete presentation on Likeable's SlideShare or see it below: