Tumblr Launches Mobile Ads for Its iOS and Android Apps

By Cassidy Bohan

On Monday, Tumblr announced the rollout of mobile ads for its iOS and Android apps as part as the platform's initiative to find new ways to generate revenue. The rollout is scheduled to be completed by the end of May, launching with ABC Entertainment and ABC Family, GE, Pepsi, and Warner Bros. These ads come as an addition to the Radar ads in the sidebar of the desktop website.

The new mobile ads will be clearly marked, similar to Facebook ads, with a $ icon, and users will only see four per day. They are designed to be more noticeable than radar ads and look just like any other post in the dashboard.

“The content our brand partners have created is more than just advertising — it is thoughtful, beautiful, and diverse content that fits seamlessly alongside the best work on our network,” said David Karp, Tumblr founder and CEO

Advertisements that perform effectively are those that are hardly distinguishable than their surrounding content;  Tumblr mobile ads look like regular Tumblr posts. For example, GE's first ad features an animated GIF of a jet engine, adapting to the content the blogging platform is famous for.

Takeaways & Trends

  • More announcements to come: As Tumblr continues to explore new ways to generate revenue, we can expect more updates to the platform. "This is the first of many exciting planned Tumblr ad launches in 2013," said Lee Brown, Global Head of Sales at Tumblr, formerly of Groupon.
  • Mobile growth: Mobile is quickly becoming the main area of interest for advertisers, and user numbers continue to increase. Tumblr’s mobile user numbers are nearing that of desktop users.
  • Content quality is crucial: For advertisers to be successful on Tumblr, they need to create content that users will like and reblog. This is an opportunity for innovative, branded content that will achieve high levels of virality and establish a strong top of mind presence among consumers.

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