Twitter Announces Three New Twitter Cards

By Cassidy Bohan On Wednesday, Twitter introduced an update to Twitter Cards. Summary, Photo and Player/Video cards are already adding rich content to the feed. This update adds three new important types: App, Product and Gallery.

The new system is backward compatible, so if you have already implemented cards, integrations will continue to work seamlessly. The updates will be rolling out to users over the next couple of days and will be available on both mobile and web.

App Card:

This is big news for developers! It allows them to show app information from the app store or Google Play, including description, rating and price. Twitter also announced app installs and deep linking which will allow users to download an app or view content within an app right from the Twitter feed. Users are already sharing their actions from apps to their Twitter feeds, and now all of their followers are able to download the app right from their tweet. Users will now be able to move from Twitter content to other mobile apps seamlessly.

Gallery Card:

The existing Photo Card shows images directly in tweets, and the new Gallery Card can show up to four images as a preview of a larger photo gallery.

Product Cards:

Merchants can now display product details in a tweet, including a photo, a description and up to two additional fields that can be customized by developers, such as price or sizes. While there isn’t news of an “add to cart” capability, retailers can use the App Card integration to guide users right to their apps to make a purchase.




  • More Twitter Cards to come. The update opens the door for more developments and customization in the future.
  • Mobile app developers can take advantage of this opportunity to promote app engagement and installs.
  • Online retailers should make sure that their sharable images and product descriptions are optimized for Twitter in order to leverage the new Product Cards.
  • Developers and brands have the ability to create more diverse and engaging content, giving them more reasons to promote their tweets.

Twitter is giving some power back to developers, but it will be interesting to see how they control it. For example, how will they promote competitors of Vine with the App card?