Twitter Cards and Your Brand

By Andi Barton With the Twitter Card functionality updates last week, brands now have far greater opportunities than before. Many believe the Twitter Cards are strictly beneficial for retail and consumer brands. While it is true that the retail industry will definitely be able to leverage these updates to a more substantial degree, there are still elements that can directly affect all brands.

These are the two features you can leverage now in order to stay on ahead of the curve:
1. Enriched Media: The new photo preview option from the Gallery Card has made evolving and enriching your visual content vital. With the option to include up to four images in your preview, you now have greater potential to visually draw your followers in.  If you're looking to tweet Instagram content, take it one step further and upload your image directly, accompanied by copy, versus uploading directly from the app. This way your expanded tweet will still be able to engage your followers.
2. Interactive Media:   As media embedding evolves, the need to provide more engaging content is imperative. With new apps such as Vine gaining momentum in the space, it's essential to explore all opportunities to implement new innovative features. Even if your brand is unable to utilize Twitter Cards as a way to leverage product display and/or app downloads, your industry will still be competing with these features. Vine and other direct interactive media embedding apps are worth your investment. Although many features of the app itself are still being iterated, it does not mean you should hold off on pushing directly to your Twitter account.
As Twitter users become more and more accustomed to updates on the social network, your brand needs to keep up with the speed of innovation. Social users will soon expect your brand's social presence to be on par--otherwise,  you will lose their interest.
Where do you see Twitter features continuing to engage in new interactive ways? Share your thoughts in the comments below!