9 Social Media #Workhacks To Make Your Company More Likeable Online

By Sarah Evans

Part of being “likeable” online is the ability to communicate and connect with your customers. If your company is mentioned online, chances are it’s by a customer or client who would appreciate a response (or some interaction that acknowledges you saw their message).

If you’re a small business owner or social media isn’t the only responsibility in your job title, engaging with, monitoring and responding to online conversations (and on multiple social networks) can take up precious time from your core role. We at open social collaboration platform Tracky think it should be easier. That’s why I regularly try to find productivity #workhacks to replace older or outdated work habits. This isn’t some “as seen on TV” gimmick, these #workhacks will reduce the time you spend on social tasks so you can spend more time being likeable.

Here are the Tracky team’s favorite #workhacks:

  1. Schedule short “bursts” of work. Workhack your social engagement by scheduling brief periods of time throughout the day for building relationships and communicating with your social circle. Building relationships via social media takes time every day but is so worth it. Of course, if you find yourself tweeting, liking, posting and sharing throughout the day, it can lead to some unnecessary distractions (unless you're a full-time social media manager). After all, the average worker is distracted every 3 minutes these days!

  2. #Workhack your industry research by archiving what you read and want to share. I use tracky.com to save the best blog posts and research for my industry, marketing/SEO/PR, etc. The archive becomes my own "search engine" of trends, statistics and images for blog posts, social sharing and audience polling. It's great for those times when you're in research mode and find a bunch of great content that you can't immediately write about or socially share. Archiving excerpts from other experts is a great way to store that information in a "second brain" that is keyword-tagged, searchable and shareable when you're ready.

  3. Schedule your social posts with a scheduling app. bufferapp.com lets me schedule posts to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn on a best-for-my-industry schedule. Just load in your content and let Buffer do the rest.

  4. #Workhack your social engagement strategy with a combination of information and one-to-one engagement. For instance, your tweets should be a mix of pre-loaded and real-time engagement. The pre-loaded tweets should be "information" posts relevant to your audience, and can be scheduled or Buffered days in advance (be careful about sensitive breaking news that might trump your posts though). Real-time engagement should happen in those scheduled blocks of time and be strategic. You'll spend some of that time finding and building relationships, while other blocks of time could be spent replying to interactions and recognizing the accomplishments of your customers, influencers and friends.

  5. Reduce the number of browser windows you keep open to somewhere between 9 and 11. You really can't use more than that at a given time. Use myfav.es or a social start page to keep frequently used windows only a click away.

  6. Share your iOS clipboard with all of your iOS devices. Sure, you can email information, but try BeamApp. Send items from your Mac or iPhone clipboard to the other device. This is great when you have an article, link or body of text you want to quickly transfer to another device.

  7. Develop your tried and true arsenal for scheduling and share social content. Our favorite combination is Tracky + Feedly + Dlvr.it + Buffer + DoShare + Hootsuite.

  8. Put the internet to work for you with IFTTT. Create recipes that automate, or at least reduce, time spent on tasks. For example, you can create a trigger like email, text message or phone call to take place when your favorite website shares a new post.

  9. Move away from unnecessary emails when creating online content and move to open social collaboration. It inherently changes the way you communicate and creates communication threads versus separate, lengthy email chains.

Want to share your own #workhacks? Feel free to contribute here or your can tweet them to @PRsarahevans with the hashtag.

Sarah Evans (@prsarahevans) is the chief evangelist at Tracky and owner of Sevans Strategy, a public relations and new media consultancy. She's the author of new book, [RE]FRAME: Little Inspirations For A Larger Purpose (published by SlimBooks).