5 Tips For Cutting Through The Content Clutter

By Ike Brooker

Content marketing has taken off, rising to $43.9 billion from the $40.2 billion spent last year.* Of course, with an increase in brand budgets comes a related increase in clutter. This is of special concern to brands trying to get their message out. In such a saturated landscape, how does a brand break through and get in front of  customers' eyeballs?

Here are 5 tips for cutting through the clutter:

 1. Use images.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but don't forget a catchy phrase that engages viewers as well.

2. Use short form video.

Video engages viewers like nothing else. Find a passion point for your community and use it to your advantage.

3. Avoid overly branded content.

Great emotional photography and a simple type treatment will go further on social than a giant logo. To increase the likelihood of your content being shared by your community, downplay the logo--or for the adventurous, scrap the logo altogether!

4. Make content relatable.

Post about topics that are relevant to your community.

5. Make your images and copy engaging.

Get creative with your imagery and copy. Showing details of products encourages exploration, clicks, and shares.

These are a  few initial tips to help you break through the content clutter, but as with anything, experiment to find the right style and mix for your brand.

What tips do you have for cutting through the clutter? For more content tips, download our free white paper, 4 Methods For Breaking Through The Social Clutter.