Find Your Vision on Image-Friendly Social Media Platforms

By Danny Groner Getting the right brand voice to line up with your intended audience takes time, and some degree of experimentation. For more visual companies, it's worth considering image-friendly platforms like Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest. Visual communication dominates the Web, with infographics, videos, slideshows, and gifs, helping to shape a story. Here are three examples of companies are using Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest to find not only their voice, but their vision.

Make a magazine on Tumblr.

When you think of Whole Foods, you might think of unique, healthful options. There's a certain lifestyle the company preaches and consumer base that it pursues. As part of that commitment to a lifestyle, the supermarket chain has rolled out a beautiful magazine called Dark Rye that's filled with articles, interviews, videos, and how-tos. Along with it, there's a well-curated Tumblr. The focus is not on organic products, but the delivery of stories. Food is just the jumping off point for discussion about health and sustainability, among other topics. On this visual platform, Whole Foods has found a way to both be creative and to highlight the creativity from within its community.

Share joys on Instagram.

Virgin America knows that travelers will bring along their cameras to document the high points of their time away. So the company asks people to share those snapshots to feature these memorable moments. Amid the occasional picture of flyers aboard a plane is a large collection of colors that seem to bounce off of the page and that are sure to get you dreaming of your next destination. The feed showcases a free flow of afternoon sunshine and vibrant nightlife. Richard Branson and company know that if people attach positive feelings to the airline, and feel an allegiance to them through social sharing, they'll come back. Instagram gives Virgin the chance to build loyalty and establish love.

Express beauty on Pinterest.

There are lots of places on the Internet to find beautiful clothing. What's more difficult is to stay ahead of the curve and to illustrate the latest trends and styles. With its attractive Pinterest page, J. Crew positions its best seasonal attire on its page in a very digestible and clickable way that encourages viewers to do more than just gawk at the pictures; it's a livelier and more dynamic version of a catalog. Most inspiring, though, is the way the brand lays out its boards. In addition to ones focused on  shoes, colors, and patterns, there are boards dedicated to travel and the outdoors. Altogether, the page emphasizes the beauty that surrounds us.

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Danny Groner is the manager of blogger partnerships and outreach for Bigstock. You can follow him on Twitter at @DannyGroner.