The Most Important Thing You Must Give Your Social Agency

By Cara Friedman The brand/agency relationship is extremely important to having an incredible social media presence. Being on the agency-side, we at Likeable work extremely closely with our clients every day. The most important thing in that relationship is trust. When there is trust between the two parties, the agency can go above and beyond the norm and the brand can benefit tremendously. Here's how:

Eliminates Hurdles. When there is trust between the brand and the agency, there are less hurdles to overcome. A lot of time is spent at the beginning of a relationship reviewing deliverables, approving  content, going back and forth nailing the voice, etc. When there is trust between a brand and its agency, things move more quickly and the approval process becomes seamless. A brand shouldn't have to worry about quality -- with agency quality control comes brand trust.

Timely Content. How many times do you see relevant news and timely issues that apply to your brand? Likely, pretty often. When opportunities arise, you need to act quick to make your mark. When you have an agency you really trust, you can put out that content without wasting time on tweaking, approving, and reviewing. Your brand becomes an innovator when you allow it to always be the first to act.

Surprise and Delight. Again, for great surprise and delight, you need to act fast! Sure, you can send a random fan something without it being super timely, but the best stories are the ones where a brand listens to you and acts fast. One of the best examples comes from Morton's Steakhouse surprising fan, Peter Shankman, after receiving a tweet that he could really use a steak. When a brand trusts its agency to listen for opportunities and act without having to go through a time-consuming process, you can really make an impact and make customer service miracles happen.

While there are many added benefits to really trusting your agency, the decision to trust can't be turned on like a light switch. Trust is built not through words but through action. Agencies need to prove they are trustworthy by delivering gold over and over again. Build this relationship and your brand will be the next talked about company that stayed ahead of the curve and stood apart from the rest.

What do you think is the most important thing needed in a brand/agency relationship? Share you thoughts below!