Top 5 "Duh" Moments From #WOMMU

By Cara Friedman On May 20th WOMMA held its annual conference, WOMM-U, in Chicago. I was lucky enough to attend (and speak!) and see a variety of sessions focusing on word-of-mouth marketing. I learned a lot, but often found myself thinking, "DUH!" in response to session take-aways. But while the some of the lessons seemed so obvious, there was still always something that made me stop, think, and re-evaluate what I was doing on social media. Sometimes the most obvious statements are the ones that hit home the most. It's important to not overlook the simple concepts and make sure you are applying them to your social strategy. Here are my top 5 "duh" moments from WOMM-U:

"People talk about your product when people are using your product." (Jonah Berger, the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania)

While this may sound like common sense, so many brands post content when it's convenient for them and not when their audience is most engaged. Is yours a product that is used mostly at night or on the weekends? If so, maybe posting at 8 AM every morning isn't the best strategy for you.

"Don't ignore mobile." (Tom Chernaik, CMP.LY)

Even though every thought leader, blog, and trends report points to mobile as the future, marketers keep leaving it behind. Sadly, so many brands build promotions, tabs, and apps for websites and forget to even consider what it looks like on mobile or whether it's compatible with mobile at all.

"Only host a promotion that your community can support." (Kellie Parker, SEGA)

Sweepstakes are boring. Yes, it's true, BUT the barrier to entry is low and fans normally don't mind that there isn't another level. You may be tempted to host a "Create a Video" contest or something that will generate lots of attention and content. The problem is that not every community can support that. The higher the barrier to entry, the lower your participation will be (regardless of prize). Make sure you build a promotion that is realistic for your community.

"The word 'viral' shouldn't exist." (Narni Yoder, YouTube)

Amen! Narni even went on to say that something viral is a bad thing (like a disease). In fact, "going viral" is sort of like hitting the lottery. Brands need to stop creating content with the goal of it being viral. It's a side effect of amazing content, not the goal.

"Relevancy has a deadline." (Ekaterina Walter, Intel)

Being relevant means keeping up with the times and being one step ahead of trends. Something that happens today in current events can't be scheduled in your content calendar for next week. Your brand needs to be flexible and have the ability to adapt to current trends and stories.

Were you at WOMM-U this year? What were your key learnings? Share below in the comments!