Twitter Advertising Changes & What They Mean

By Carrie Tylawsky As Twitter evolves into a more advertising-friendly platform, there will be many changes in the upcoming months. Here are the takeaways from its most recent announcement that you need to know:

  1. You can use a platform to control ads across all channels you manage. Up to this point, Twitter was a stickler for keeping everyone within the native Twitter ads platform. Now, with recent updates, you can manage advertising on HootSuite, Salesforce, Adobe, Shift, and TBG Digital. This way, when running larger scale campaigns, everything can be tweaked and controlled within these platforms and sent out, versus manually making changes within each individual network.
  2. Make alterations to ads in real-time. This really takes advantage of Twitter's most valuable feature: real-time. Changes can be made to ads immediately, so there will no longer be any missed opportunities as events happen faster than ever anticipated.
  3. There are more refined targeting abilities. As Twitter gets to know its users better, the opportunities for targeting grows. There are the typical options (i.e. gender, location, and user), but then there are also targeting options for users who log in through specific devices. So if you are app or mobile-centric, this opens the doors to target directly on the device you're focused on.

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