Vine: 3 Ways Brands Are Getting It Right

By Brian Murray

Vine has been around since the beginning of the year. While I was cynical of the six second video platform at first, the constraints and focus have led to some pretty amazing results. Almost six months in, many brands have embraced the ability to share and syndicate across networks and reach existing audiences. I’ve seen three brands in particular that I believe are using Vine exceptionally well, each with their own take on the emerging platform.

The Story of Major League Soccer

Social Media enables brands to tell stories. Major League Soccer has recently begun using Vine to help tell the stories of the game, including a behind-the-scenes look at lineup cards and the range of emotions during the game. The short snippets have provided an insider view of things the public doesn't normally have access to.

Takeaway: Each brand has a story to tell. Whether it be your production process or a look at the inner workings of your organization, you have something to share. 

Helpful Hints from Lowes  

Lowes has over 1,500 locations throughout the world. The company's tagline is “Never Stop Improving,” directed at an audience of handy men and women. Lowe's has used Vine to help its core customers by giving quick tips--from organizing cleaning supplies to dealing with a stripped screw.  

Takeaway: Be an expert in your field and share valuable information with your consumers. You have the opportunity to be the go-to-resource!

The  Branding and Creativity of General Electric

General Electric has a suite of products, from aviation to household appliances. The company solves problems and has an enormous brain trust which includes some of the smartest people in the world. GE is using Vine to show off its culture and the creativity behind all that it does. The content is intellectual and interesting. How else but Vine could you present the amazing results from mixing milk, food coloring, and dish soap?

Takeaway: Know your audience and play to your strengths. Look for inspiration in everything!

What are your favorite brands to follow on Vine? Do you think six seconds is long enough to tell a compelling story?